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Rotary Tower Automatic Stretch Wrapping System MA-DX & MA-DX2

Our top selling MA-DX stretch wrapping system incorporates a super-stable 4-leg design that can be found in some of America's top Fortune 500 manufacturing and distribution plants, and for good reason. A long list of desirable features make the MA-DX the go-to system for high-performance applications. And, now our MA-DX2 takes the high -speed performance of the MA-DX up another notch. Using dual 30” Insta-Thread™ film carriages and 28RPM counter-balanced rotary arms the MA-DX2 pushes load throughput up to 100 pallets an hour.

Insta-Thread 260% Pre-stretch Film Delivery System

Both the MA-DX and MA-DX2 are equipped with Orion's Insta-Thread film carriages, the fastest, easiest and safest film loading carriage on the market. With a standard 260% load stabilizing pre-stretch. The MA-DX2 incorporates a second rotary arm and film carriage on the opposite side of the load. The opposing carriages apply the film in a crisscross pattern that not only improves speed, it also provides additional stability. The Insta-Thread carriage also uses a sophisticated photo eye that senses even difficult colored and reflective loads. Sensors also detect if the stretch film breaks or runs out and will pause the system.

IntelleVue HMI / Allen Bradley Controller / VFD Drives

The large format, user friendly and password protected IntelleVue HMI is incorporated in a free standing pedestal that improves operator's line of sight of the entire process. The Allen Bradley Series PLC controller provides maximum flexibility and reliability. Low maintenance and long lasting AC motors are incorporated throughout with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD).

CAT-3 and Multi-Zone Safety Features

Orion's industry leading CAT-3 electrical and multi-zone safety features help improve operator safety and performance. Separate CSA approved, UL listed and NEMA 12 rated high and low voltage panels prevent unnecessary exposure to high voltage components. The multi-zone access feature stops only the process zone, so the operator can switch out film while the product stages on the infeed or continues on the exit conveyors. A main emergency E-stop feature is incorporated and will completely shut down the system, in addition the MA-DX or MA-DX2 can be equipped with optional E-stops throughout the line.

Rotary Slip Ring & Tower Drive

Both MA-DX models use a high quality rotary slip ring that is virtually maintenance free. The fully sealed unit dramatically reduces the maintenance associated with non-sealed slip ring assemblies guarding against dirt, dust, and debris. The rotating arm(s) are supported and driven by a 20" precision ring bearing. Our chain & sprocket drive includes soft start and stop for minimal wear and tear on the drive system. Major components are within easy reach for fast maintenance and service.

Film Tail Cut & Wipe Down

At the end of the wrapping cycle, Orion's innovative asymmetrical film clamp grips the film web while the thermo bar cuts the film. The load seeking pneumatically actuated brush smooths and secures the film tail to the load as it moves to the exit conveyor. The result is an attractive, secure film tail that stays in place using minimal film.

Optional Heavy Duty Conveyors

Unlike some manufacturers, Orion builds all of our own heavy duty 6,000 lb. roller conveyors in house for the ultimate in quality control and durability. In addition to our heavy duty roller conveyors, the MA-DX and MA-DX2 also combine seamlessly with the 60 feet-per-minute LoPro Drag Chain triple-strand conveyor that is popular in the beverage industry. The LoPro smoothly conveys up to three 2,500-pound pallets at a time, automatically separating them for wrapping and after wrapping consolidating them again for pickup.


Featuring a standard 18" pass height, the RTC is a rotary tower automatic wrapper that integrates with new or existing conveyance.


The RTD semi-automatic stretch wrapper models represent the latest in rotary tower stretch packaging technology. 


Our top selling MA-DX stretch wrapping system incorporates a super-stable 4-leg design that can be found in some of America's

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