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What We Do

Stretch Wrappers

Repair and Service of all makes and models of Stretch wrapping...

Packaging Factory

Packaging Systems

Repair and Service all makes and models of Packaging systems...

circuit board

Electronic Diagnostics

Diagnose and Repair complex electrical and electronic systems...

Maintenance Guy

Preventive Maintenance

Ask about our short & long term preventive maintenance...

warehouse with wrapped items

Strapping Machines

Repair and Service all makes and models of Strapping Machines...


Pallet Wrappers

Repair and Service of all makes and models of Pallet wrapping...


wrapped items in warehouse

"Great service, job completed in timely manor. Very professional!"

- Dave, AZ

warehouse image

"Fast response, expert service, and very easy to work with."

Steve, CO

warehouse shelves

"Very good and speedy service, great attention to detail!"

James, CA

Who We Are

We are a technical company servicing both Northern and Southern California. We diagnose and repair packaging equipment such as pallet wrappers, stretch wrappers, strapping machines, shrink tunnel machines, and many others. We have learned that most electromechanical machinery operates under the same principles: an electronic action leads to a mechanical reaction and that mechanical reaction in turn leads to another electrical action until the intended process of the machine is complete.

Where we shine is in the diagnosis of machine failure.

35+ Years Experience

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Affordable Costs

We have many years of experience and a variety of tools at our disposal to complete a thorough and correct diagnosis of your equipment. With our many years in the industry we have formed great relationships with many packaging equipment manufacturers, distributors, and technical departments.


Our network and our 35 years in business helps us quickly and efficiently diagnose the issue, order parts, and get your machine back in operation. We know as well as you that downtime causes added strain on the logistics of your entire operation, which is why we work hard to get your equipment operational in the most cost-efficient way possible.

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